Oil Purchasing Guide

Guide to Buying Domestic Heating Oil, North Cornwall

Anyone with oil will have become familiar with the volatility of oil prices over the years.

Oil prices are affected by many world factors outside of our control e.g. supply and demand between countries, hurricane season by oil fields etc.

While there is nothing we can do to stop how this affects the world oil prices we can help ourselves with saving money by shopping around locally.

Most oil companies set their price daily and you should be able to negotiate discount – always shop around before settling on the supplier you want to use.

Here are some tips for getting the best price possible.


1. Shop around and let your oil companies know you are looking for the best price.

2. Ask them if they can do better or match a price you have been given by a previous company.

3. Prices are quoted excluding VAT – ask them to give the price for the total cost to help you budget.

4. If the best price is important to you be careful about top up schemes as you will not know the cost of your order and therefore will not have been able to negotiate the best price.  Yes, they are convenient but do you want to save money rather than measure what oil is left?

5. Budget schemes are very useful – but could you have saved into a different bank account and shopped around instead of buying with the oil company you have SAVED WITH?

6. Try and order more than the 500 litre minimum as this level will be the worst price you can obtain with most companies. You will find they tend to offer a better price for 900 litres or more (some offer a better price at 700 litres – ask them what is the point they will offer a better price).

7. Group purchases can normally obtain better prices than an individual.
– Some oil companies will offer the same improved rates for all buyers in the group whether they need 200 litres or 1000.

8. Care – if you live down a difficult to navigate lane you may find your price is increased whether you are in a group or not.

9. Care – ordering online means you may not know the price you will pay – again meaning you have not negotiated the best price.

10. Boilerjuice.com allows those with internet access to get an online quote as do many other companies.  Boilerjuice is useful for you to gauge what to expect on your quotes on the phone.  It does not seem to update the price very often and is purely an online ordering service so it is still worth shopping around as it may not be the cheapest price you can get.